All members of the Maududo Federation must adhere to the following rules regarding their uniform.


  1. All pant cuffs must be hemmed (no rolling of pant cuffs or cuffs that drag on the floor will be allowed)
  2. The jacket cuff may be turned under once, not rolled over (as not to obstruct the view of Chevrons on a black belt uniform)
  3. Uniforms must be washed on a regular basis
  4. Patches must be placed on the uniform in accordance with the attached diagram
  • Patches are centered on the sleeve
  • There is a 1/2” space between the shoulder seem and the first patch
  • Each subsequent patch is placed 1/4” from the previous patch
  • The first chevron is placed 3/8” up from the cuff seam
  • Subsequent chevrons are spaced 3/8” apart
  • Academic Achiever stars are placed in rows of four with a maximum of four rows (16 stars) allowed on the uniform – centered under the Academic Achiever patch
Rank belts must be tied so that the tips are of equal length For colored belts, black tips must be worn on the right side and red tips on the left For black belts, the English spelling of the name must be worn on the right side and the Korean spelling on the left side For black belts, the last name on the pant must be worn on the left side During approved times, only Maududo t-shirts can be worn in lieu of the uniform top For those members that practice additional martial art disciplines, only a Maududo uniform may be worn on the karate floor



  1. Rank belts must be tied so that the tips are of equal length
  2. For colored belts, black tips must be worn on the right side and red tips on the left
  3. For black belts, "your name" must be worn on the right side and "Maududo Federation" on the left side
Remember to never let the belt hit the ground you work hard for it and it needs to be respected.

Kids Uniform:


Adult/Teen Uniform:


Black Belt Uniform:




Patch awarded when student is promoted to Yellow Belt. Must be placed on left chest of jacket.


Patch awarded for good grades in school. Student must bring report card to class, with top two highest marks in all classes, to receive patch.

Note: Gold stars are awarded for each subsequent "top honors" report cards.


Patch awarded during the summer months for awesome attendance (average of 2 classes per week).


Patch awarded when a student invites a friend to try out our school and the friend becomes a permanent member.


Patch awarded when student becomes a member of the prestigious Black Belt Club.

Once in the Black Belt Club, uniform also changes to White Jacket and Black Pants for kids and Red Jacket and black pants for adults.

Black Belt with students name goes on the wall as a future goal for the student to achieve.